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Stand Up and Live.

Jan, 25 2015 10:51 AM
by Marcel Strigberger

             A paper published in the Annals of International Medicine has concluded that sitting for the most part of the day boosts your risk of death by 20%. Even exercising does not counteract this ominous risk.  What does this mean? Easy.  Chairs are dangerous.

             I can see the government banning or at least drastically restricting the use of seating equipment. It will not be too long before we see an amendment to Criminal Code reading:

                     "Anyone trafficking in seating paraphernalia is liable for an offense punishable by way of indictment and is subject to imprisonment for up to      10 years".

            The last thing we need is to arrive at a Canada Customs booth and the officer asks, "Are you bringing in any chesterfields?"

            If you say no and the officer is suspicious, he calls in Charlie, the chair sniffing beagle. In a worst case scenario, they could do a body cavity search.  You never know where resourceful smugglers can hide a La-Z-Boy.

             And comedy clubs beware. We are not far from the days where the police will raid the club and seize the comedian's stool.  Even worse they might raid a seniors' home and confiscate all the rockers.

            All of this of course will encourage the usual suspects, namely organized crime, to get involved in illicitly peddling this contraband.  We'll soon read stories about Rocco “Big Seat" Bonano getting arrested for illicit activities including money laundering, racketeering and being caught with a truckload of tuffets.

            There would also be a barrage of civil actions.  I can easily envisage some guy who has Maple Leafs seasons tickets who dies suddenly only to find his estate suing the Air Canada Centre.  They'll claim the Leafs scored so few goals the man had no reason to stand up and cheer. Then again the defendant's response would likely be that the man died from embarrassment.

             Even judges will refuse to sit.  The bench will become obsolete.  Judges will be appointed to the air.

             And Parliament will have to change its terminology.  When the honorable members arrive at the House of Commons, they will have a big surprise when they get to their desks.  They will very well win a seat but not get one.  This will add a new dimension to the expression, "stand up and be counted".

             It also suddenly changes how I now visualize a one night stand.

            Make no mistake about it. I am taking this medical story seriously; I am writing this narrative on my feet.

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