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Das Auto- Yikes!

Sep, 27 2015 6:32 PM
by Marcel Strigberger

The big story these days is the Volkswagen scandal that saw the automaker rigging its emission test device on its diesel cars to show they were clean when in fact the vehicles polluted big time.

I see VW's president, Martin Winterkorn announced his resignation.  This is about as much of a surprise as Syrian President Basher Assad announcing that this year he does not expect to win the Nobel Prize for peace. 

Winterkorn denies any personal wrongdoing.  That's like Francesco Schettino, the former captain of the Costa Concordia saying, "Don’t blame me. Those rocks in the water should have watched where they were sitting".

My first question is where will Winterkorn get a job now?  Let's face it; he may have some employment challenges.  I don't even know if he could even land a job as a greeter at Wal-Mart. 

 "Hello. Ve hev a special on Heinz pickles today. Not my fault".

One thing for sure, I don't see him getting invited to go on a speaking tour with Dr David Suzuki.

I wonder what else Volkswagen would have done to cut corners and save the company money had the emission gambit not come to light.  Maybe they would have adjusted the air conditioning system next.  When you press "AC", instead of cool air, a voice would have come on saying, "Zis auto is getting cool. You feel it, ya?

And what do the unfortunate owners of a tainted car do now?  Their vehicle is the equivalent of an auto leper. They are no doubt all hoping for some Mother Teresa for Volkswagens to surface. 

I feel sorry for the Volkswagen dealers as well.  I hear they are planning an open house soon.  Come by and enjoy a coffee, a balloon and a free Volkswagen.

And imagine what this is doing to the German economy.  I hear German Chancellor Andrea Merkel telephoned Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras asking him for a loan.

I end with an apropos quote from a master philosopher, who just passed away the other day, Yogi Berra:

"They made too many wrong mistakes".  One too many.

I practice civil litigation with emphasis on personal injury, and family law.  Please also visit my practice website www.striglaw.com .  I drive an emissions safe Toyota.



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