Finally a lawyer who is funny outside of the courtroom.

When Marcel Strigberger tells non lawyers that he is a lawyer and a humourist, the most common response is, “That’s an oxymoron”.

Lawyers are often the butts of crude jokes. There is even a joke about lawyer jokes. It goes, “Lawyers don’t think lawyer jokes are funny and laymen don’t think they’re jokes”

The law and the practice of law are rife with humour. And we all can use humour to break the tensions, to create rapport and simply to maintain our sanity.

Marcel has been effectively using humour in his litigation practice for over 35 years. And he has also published legions of humourous articles in legal and non legal publications. Marcel is also an accomplished speaker. He has addressed lawyers, judges and non legal people, in an entertaining manner, on how to use humour to enhance one’s professional and personal life.

His talks will be of great interest to anyone interested in issues such as civility, burn out or technological overwhelm, or to anyone who simply does not wish to be stuffy and rigid.

Legalhumour.com is a unique site also containing original humourous articles penned by Marcel about lawyers, judges and cases. Marcel also amuses the folks with frequent blogs about news items with a legal twist.

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Jesus Is Coming to This Diner

Oct, 26 2014 7:29 PM
by Marcel Strigberger

   We know Jesus saves. The question is, does he pay?  A Kristi Rhines ordered food at a Lawton, Oklahoma restaurant but then said she couldn't pay.  She told the staff that her husband Jesus Christ, would be by shortly to pay her bill. This did not sit well with management who called police, who proceeded to arrest the lady on fraud related matters.

    I looked into this story further and discovered the following.  About an hour later, a gentleman appeared wearing a long white robe and sporting shoulder length reddish hair and a  beard.  He asked a waiter if his wife Kristi had been here as he wanted to pay her tab.  The manager, rather awe struck, advised the gentleman that he was late and that police had arrested his wife. The man said that the police "kneweth not what they dideth".  

    He left the premises but before doing so, he took out five loaves of bread and two fish from a Safeway bag.  He uttered a few chants and turned the fish and loaves into 500 portions of rib steak with fries and cole slaw, enough to feed all the patrons in the restaurant.

    He then left abruptly, refusing however the manager's request for an autograph. He did however tell the frustrated manager that he forgive him.   

    I believe there is a moral to this story somewhere.

    Please visit my practice site, www.striglawcom . I practice family law and personal injury law. I would however volunteer to take Kristi's criminal case pro bono.


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