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When Marcel Strigberger tells non lawyers that he is a lawyer and a humourist, the most common response is, “That’s an oxymoron”.

Lawyers are often the butts of crude jokes. There is even a joke about lawyer jokes. It goes, “Lawyers don’t think lawyer jokes are funny and laymen don’t think they’re jokes”

The law and the practice of law are rife with humour. And we all can use humour to break the tensions, to create rapport and simply to maintain our sanity.

Marcel has been effectively using humour in his litigation practice for over 35 years. And he has also published legions of humourous articles in legal and non legal publications. Marcel is also an accomplished speaker. He has addressed lawyers, judges and non legal people, in an entertaining manner, on how to use humour to enhance one’s professional and personal life.

His talks will be of great interest to anyone interested in issues such as civility, burn out or technological overwhelm, or to anyone who simply does not wish to be stuffy and rigid.

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Walmart Time

Aug, 10 2014 8:40 PM
by Marcel Strigberger

    A Kristopher Oswald working at a Walmart near Detroit noticed a man harassing a women in the parking lot. He ran out to rescue the woman and for his efforts Walmart fired him. Reason: He  "violated company policy."

    What is it with these guys? Just what is company policy? If the employee sees a victim getting assaulted in the parking lot, what is he supposed to do? Join in and throw few kicks and punches?   What inspired their crass policy?  Sodom and Gomorrah?

    Not to be outdone, a mother of an 8 month old daughter and 5 year old son took photos of the backs of her kids, naked, as they were about to go into the bath. She also had a photo or two of her daughter clutching an empty beer bottle. She left them at Walmart in Gander, Newfoundlland to be developed and when she came to pick them up, the manager was summoned and told her she could not leave the premises with those pictures as they were "inappropriate" They violated a Walmart policy in that they depicted images of "child abuse" and "minors engaged in explicitly sexual situations".

    Mother left without those offending pictures. I think she could readily have beaten up the store manager and gotten away with it. We know store employees would not intervene.

    It is a mad mad world.

    From Michigan and Newfoundland we go to Rome. Remember Francesco Schettino? He was the former captain of the ill fated Costa Concordia, which through his negligence ran aground and sank . He is on trial for multiple counts of manslaughter.

    Well the captain was invited to La Sapienza University in Rome to give a lecture on "how to react in panic situations".  He addressed students at a class in forensic psychiatry.

    You will recall he survived the disaster as he fortuitously ended up in a lifeboat ahead of his passengers when he allegedly tripped and fell overboard.  He stated to the media that he considers himself an expert in dealing with situations of panic.  It makes me wonder about the sanity of the university faculty for even inviting Francesco.  Just what could this guy have told his audience?  "In a catastrophic situation, take it easy. Don't panic. Remember, you're stronger than those women and children."

    I can see a future for this guy. I'm sure he can get a job as a crisis manager at Walmart.

I practice as a sole practitioner, personal injury and family law and divorce. Please visit striglaw.com. My policies are not as complicated as Walmart's. Any problems, just see me.


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