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Of Wine and Roses

Mar, 1 2015 6:04 PM
by Marcel Strigberger

            Justice was done the other day.  The principal of Toronto's Northern Secondary demanded that students attending the prom this year would have to undergo a Breathalyser test in order to gain admittance at the big event. He cited previous problems where injuries actually happened consequent to student drinking.

            This imposition did not sit well with the president and vice president of the Student Council, who decided their Charter rights were being violated. The students contacted the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, which hooked them up with a lawyer who took the matter to court, pro bono. Justice Himel found that the principal and the school indeed violated the Charter of Rights, and that the students would not have to submit to this no doubt Draconian demand.

            This I would say is a major victory for all of us.  What the tyrannical principal wanted to do was impose his own RIDE program.  That will teach him

            Now, that his devious plot has been shattered, I really would feel safe driving my car near Northern Secondary on the night of the prom.  However,  if by chance I am in the area that night, I doubt I'll spot Justice Himel.

            The lawyer must feel proud of himself in succeeding to remove a barrier to prevent student rowdiness.  He must have had a blast spending those hours working for free.  Maybe as a token of appreciation the students will at least buy him a bottle of Champagne.

            Speaking of money, (not for that lawyer), let us talk about Anne Dias Griffen, the estranged wife of Illinois billionaire Ken Griffen.  She is suing K.G. for spousal support of one million dollars per month.  Her monthly budget you might say, is a bit to the right of modest.  For example, it includes $14,000 per month for food.  That's about $500/day for kibbles. How much does she weigh? Half a ton?

            She also needs $2000/month for stationery.  I suppose she would use that stationery to send frequent notes to her husband saying, "Honey, I'm hungry again."

            My favourite is $460,000 per month for vacations. This includes $300,000.00 for a private jet. The balance of $160,000.00 is for accommodations. I see a major flaw here.  With all that traveling her husband should insist that she use reward points. I just came back from Florida and paid only $175.00 for the flight using Aeroplan. And I even got a free night at the Marriott Courtyard (I'm a proud Silver Elite member).  Not bad.  I would be happy to share some of my cost savings strategies with the husband.

            The wife's actions disturb me. I think I shall indeed contact the husband and offer to meet him for a chit chat over a beer.  And maybe we can even invite the student executives of Northern Secondary to join us.


             Please also visit my persoanl injury and family law practice website, www.striglaw.com .  Guest do not need to  submit to a breathaliser.


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