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August 2017

Big Brother is Watching-Resistance is Futile

Aug 9, 2017 9:00 PM
Marcel Strigberger

    As the Borg said in Star Trek to some aliens it was taking over, “You will be assimilated” and “Resistance is futile”.

    Nicholas Troller, a Manitoba resident applied for and obtained a personalized license plate reading , “ASIMIL8",  a couple of years ago no problem. Now the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has notified Toller to surrender his plate as it is “offensive”. No reasons given.

    The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is challenging the MPI’s decision with a court Application. Some people are getting concerned about the erosion of free speech.

    If the MPI’s decision is a sign of the coming of “1984",  I believe all our license plates may similarly soon be assailed soon. My own plate, reads, BJXH610.  It is not personalized.  However if you parse it carefully, no doubt some will say it just begs for condemnation.  Take a look:

    B—This stands for bad.  A non starter

    J— Obviously joking.  You cannot joke about too many things these days.  Read the news.  Out.

    X—As in X rated.  What about the children? Need I say more

    H— Conspicuously and blatantly says hate, as in Hitler or Hess or Heinrich Himmler.  Perish the thought.

    The numerals are no less offensive if you examine them carefully.

    6—This is the number of the devil himself. Actually 666 is but it all starts with that first 6.  Please save us.

    1----Now we are getting into religion, the number 1 preaching monotheism.

    0— Still in religion, suggesting atheism.  As well we now have a conflict as “1" is adjacent and in opposition to “0".

    Some people might even view the 1 and the 0 as a “10" as in ten commandments. Offensive?  A court in Oklahoma a while back ordered a monument bearing the ten commandments to be removed.

    I am a Trek fan myself. I remember when we all enjoyed Star Trek and I trust the court will set this one right.  As for the MPI, I suggest, “Scotty, beam some common sense into them”.

    I am now retired from the practice of law after almost 43 years in the profession. I now have time and leisure to laugh even more. I would be delighted to speak about using humour, avoiding trouble or otherwise amuse you at your next event. Please email me at marcel@striglaw.com.



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