About Legal Humour

Marcel Strigberger is a lawyer having received his formal legal training in Montreal, Quebec, at McGill University. Since being called to the Bar of the Province of Ontario in 1974, Marcel has been carrying on a busy civil litigation practice, with emphasis on personal injury and family law cases.

Marcel is also a humourist, legal and nonlegal. The most frequent comment he gets when he mentions lawyer and humour the same breath is, “Isn’t that an oxymoron?”

No way Jose. Marcel realized early on in practice that the law itself can be dry and clinical and the practice of law stressful. He also realized how humour can help lighten the load and make the world of law a funner place to be, for lawyers, clients, judges, legal staff and just about anyone having contact with Lady Law. Marcel decided to liberally use humour in his practice and this has reaped enormous benefits for himself and everyone he deals with. These benefits include fantastic rapport with his opponents thereby minimizing acrimonious and expensive litigation, stress reduction for his clients and high moral for his office staff.

As legendary comedian Victor Borge used to say, “The shortest distance between two people is a smile.”

In addition to being a humourist Marcel is a popular and entertaining speaker. There is often resistance in the legal world to the use of humour as people fear that using humour means that they will not be taken seriously. Marcel deflates this fallacy and demonstrates in a fun way how to use humour freely and safely to enhance your workday and have fun while you’re making a profit. The subject area of his presentation include:

  • releasing and breaking tension
  • creating instant rapport with others
  • overcoming fears and phobias in personal and business life
  • enhancing your health and increasing your energy, and others...

Origin of legalhumour.com

Legalhumour.com, aka legalhumor for our friends south of the border who like to economize in the use of the letter “u”, is the brainchild of Marcel’s number one son Daniel Strigberger.

One cold day during his second year at the University of Ottawa law school, around the turn of the last century, Daniel decided that he needed a diversion from his Constitutional Law studies. It was time to get cheered up. So he went to Google.com and searched for “legal humour”. To Daniel’s dismay, pretty much all of the sites returned contained nothing but lawyer jokes.

“Those aren’t funny,” he thought.

Daniel telephoned his father, Marcel, and advised him of the lack of quality legal humour sites on the Web. "They all contain lawyer jokes!" he exclaimed.

It was at that moment that Daniel decided to create Legalhumour.com, which would be the number one spot for legal humour on the Internet -- WITHOUT the lawyer jokes!

Daniel got a “C” in Constitutional Law, but LegalHumour.com has become the number one “hit” out of millions of sites on Google.com for “Legal Humour”.

What else we do

We publish original humourous stories and legal musings. Some of the classical stories include:

As well, Marcel provides humourous insights in his frequent blogs about ongoing events in the legal world, including notorious cases such the Washington judge who sued a dry cleaner for 50 million dollars for losing his pants or the prosecution of Toronto grocer David Chen for unlawful confinement (originally kidnaping) for holding a habitual shoplifter down until police arrived.

In short, we take our work but not ourselves, seriously. We are responsible without being solemn.

We are the one stop shop for legal humour insights and entertainment.


“Marcel presents a role model for how humour can help, used positively and in good taste. He is especially convincing since he works in a conflictory profession as a lawyer. I can imagine how he succeeds with humour.”

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