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The law and the practice of law are rife with humour. And we all can use humour to break the tensions, to create rapport and simply to maintain our sanity.

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September 2017

PCs or Macs? That is the Question

Sep 3, 2017 10:00 PM
Marcel Strigberger

            Many offices are considering switching their systems to Apple Macs.  I have a vast knowledge on the subject given that I can match anyone on the planet on the frustration meter.  Here are my thoughts.

            Actually I have both at home.  While still in practice I seriously considered switching from PC to Apple. However I relented as my tech guy warned me not to do it given the likely glitches during the learning curve. He did say it was my choice but if I succumbed and I ever needed his help, his assistant would say he is out fishing, indefinitely.

            Apple is not just a computer system; it’s a culture.  You go to an Apple store and what you see are swarms of clerks or “team members” sporting navy blue or red Apple sweatshirts. They are each distinguishable from one another by the tattoos they sport.  That’s not exactly accurate. You can also tell them apart by their body piercings.

             As expected, the staff are 110% tech savvy.  You enter a store and you’ll be greeted by some millennial, usually with a name like Cal.  You tell him you want to ask a question as you have just spent two hours trying to figure out why the delete button does not delete. Cal refers you to a colleague, usually with a name like Rod.  Cal then sends a quick text to Rod describing your issue.  Rod by the way is standing about one meter away from Cal.  I suppose doing a 90 degree turn and talking is passée.

            They also seem to know everything about you.  Last time I attended and gave Cal my name, he said, “And I hope you enjoyed your scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast this morning.” He apparently got this accurate information after clicking a couple of times on his Apple watch.

            You do get the feeling though that the staff gets a bit condescending if you look like you are over 35 years old.  I have salt and pepper hair. (OK, mostly salt.  OK, no pepper.).  The guy at the front of the mall store, this time by the name of Zac, greeted me like I was an Amish.  The look he gave me clearly said, “I trust you found ample parking for your horse and buggy.”

            I tried to hide my scratch pad and pencil, but it was too late. He asked me, “What are those strange things thee art holding.”

            As for the issues I had, my 8 year old granddaughter Laya instantly resolved the “delete” matter showing me that on Apples you put the curser after the word, not before.  After her demo I certainly had an “Ah huh” moment. This makes eminent sense to me.  I have no clue why Microsoft is so primitive.

            And so if anyone wishes more information on whether or not they should toss their PCs and switch to Macs, feel free to get in touch with me. Just give me a call. I implore you however, please, do not to send me a text. 

I am now retired from the practice of law after almost 43 years in the profession. I now have time and leisure to laugh even more. I would be delighted to speak about using humour, avoiding trouble or otherwise amuse you at your next event. Please email me at



  Sep 04, 2017 21:05PM
We switched to Apple 3 years ago.  Couldn't be happier.  The really nice thing is all platforms are the same on all devices.  My iPhone integrates with my MacBook Pro, with my tablet, and I can even talk through my lap top paired with my phone, which saves a lot of time.  Apple takes some study and getting used to, but once we figured it out it has been great.  BTW, Apple stores have free classes teaching the operation of the device, and they are pretty good.

  Oct 11, 2017 13:28PM
grant buchan-terrell

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