Striglaw Fire ExtinguisherSpotting and extinguishing problems
before they get out-of-control

  • Do you ever experience trouble?
  • Do you ever find yourself in the middle of sudden conflict?
  • Do you sometimes feel like a little black cloud follows you wherever you go?
  • Have you noticed that some people attract trouble better than others?
  • Can’t you often predict the type of person who will most likely be a participant in road rage, drop out of the race or simply attract bad luck?

Is there a pattern?

Problems start as small sparks. When they’re not addressed or defused right away, they can sometimes grow out-of-control and cause you money loss, grief and sleepless nights. Spot and put out these sparks before they spread and sap your energy, money and time.

Let Marcel Strigberger show you or your organization how you can become a fire prevention inspector and avoid the big fireballs before they roll in. (For more info download the Fighting Your Fires PDF)


BENEFITS Marcel CAN PROVIDE by demonstrating how to:

  • motivate YOUR staff ; raise morale in workplace
  • enhance YOUR organization’s creativity
  • prevent wrangling. Takes up too much time-enhance harmony and minimize politics
  • better deal with customers and public
  • lower stress; keep staff healthier and more creative
  • increase profitability by eliminating problems
  • improve your team’s negotiation skills
  • improve inter-personal relations